What Is the Best Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood™? (2022)

The roller coaster’s features do not include inversions or loops. However, the dark indoor setting allows the tight turns and drops to have a more tense effect than an outdoor roller coaster might. There are a few special moments, such as when the train moves back and downward to simulate a fall into a tomb.

While the ride is relatively short, it allows for plenty of scares during its run. The use of projection and narrative elements is minimal in comparison to many other Universal Studios Hollywood™ rides. However, the physical thrill of the roller coaster might make this ride the first choice for many visitors.

Video: Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

4. Transformers: The Ride in 3D

This ride follows a narrative based on the Transformers film franchise. The ride takes the form of a car journey taken alongside the Autobots, using motion simulation to create the sensation of speed. You are given a pair of 3D glasses to wear during the ride, allowing you to immerse yourself in the action.

Fans of the movie franchise will appreciate the attention given to the action scenes played out during the ride. Smaller details add to the experience, such as the car you ride in taking the role of “EVAC,” one of the transformers. The story is based on an adventure to retrieve the Allspark, a plot device fans will recognize.

This is a combination of a motion simulation and a dark ride. Some of the most impressive parts of the ride are when the sets seem to merge with the animation on the screens. The sets themselves add a great deal to the experience. Although the screens provide the details, the large structures add to the dimension and scale of the adventure.

The additional size lends itself to the action of the story and scenes. The transformers appear to be several stories tall as they fight around, and sometimes on, the vehicle. The technology matches the experience perfectly, for an excellent ride.

3. Jurassic Park/Jurassic World

This is remembered as many visitor’s favorites, a water-based ride inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise. The original ride, a raft based adventure, was known for its special effects and water features.

Video: Harry Potter and the forbidden journey - FULL RIDE - Universal Studios Hollywood

The new ride is being updated to include some parts of the Jurassic World franchise. Many of the old elements will remain, and the ride is still a water-based attraction. However, Universal has stated that indoor sections will be added to the outdoor ride to showcase some new scenes. This includes a screen that will be used to simulate the presence of the aquatic dinosaur Mosasaurus in its tank, as seen in the new movies.

The theming for the new ride is similar to the old one, utilizing an external facade of rock structures and jungle plants. The new section will include a raptor encounter attraction. The story of the ride has been updated to include the Indominus Rex, also from the new franchise. However, old favorites such as the T-rex will also be included.

Although the new ride has not been opened yet, the popularity of the original indicates that Jurassic World is headed for success. In keeping many of the original elements and adding the new technology Universal Studios Hollywood™ is known for, this ride will certainly draw crowds.

2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™

This dark ride has one of the longest waiting times at Universal Studios Hollywood™, and for a good reason. As well as celebrating a hugely popular film franchise, the ride is an amazing blend of 3D scenes and motion simulation.

The long lines that the ride attracts have been prepared for, with various scenes and special effects on display for visitors to view while they wait. The line itself goes through the Hogwarts™ Castle structure, which boasts many beautiful details and easter eggs for fans to spot and enjoy.

Video: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Reopens - Full Ride POV - Universal Studios Hollywood

The ride’s motion uses a technology known as a “robocoaster,” mechanical arms that control the movement of the benches used for seating. As well as being impressively advanced, this technology creates the illusion of floating benches instead of traditional ride cars. There are plenty of other illusions to be enjoyed throughout the ride.

Famous characters and familiar scenes appear throughout the ride. Projected scenes are combined with sets and practical effects. The theatricality keeps the story moving, and creates a number of fun moments.

The way the projections are merged with the motion of the robocoaster is especially effective. It prevents those on the ride from distinguishing between real and simulated motion, keeping them in the fantasy as much as possible.

Given the popularity of this ride, some may be surprised that it is not the top pick. However, our choice for the best ride is something even more special.

1. Studio Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood™ is a celebration of the art of movies, and there is no better way to experience this than through the studio backlot tour. As a ride, it is slow, as it takes place on a tram rather than a roller coaster or raft. However, the magic of going behind the scenes of a studio backlot and seeing what goes into making a movie is a special thrill. This attraction is a staple of Universal Studios Hollywood™ and is the longest running ride at the park.

Video: FRONT ROW Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure OPENING DAY FULL POV | WIZARDING WORLD

You can view scenes and sets from classic movies, such as the Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Street sets such as a New York road and Wisteria Lane from the Desperate Housewives series are also included, as well as sets for movie styles like Westerns.

The ride also includes some more interactive elements, demonstrating the wonders of movie special effects. You can experience both a simulated earthquake and a flood from the safety of the tram.

Tributes to new movies also have a place on the tour. One section is devoted to the Fast and the Furious franchise, featuring a high-speed chase scene complete with explosions. There is also a spectacular 3D tribute to King Kong. In addition to these scenes, artifacts such as famous vehicles from iconic movies can be spotted throughout the tour.

The tour takes 45 minutes to complete, during which visitors are entertained with narration by Jimmy Fallon. The scenes are played on a 360-degree screen, so everyone has a view. This is a truly immersive experience, not to be missed as part of your Universal Studios Hollywood™ trip.

Final Thoughts

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Video: The Simpsons Ride At Universal Studios Hollywood


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