Shoppers are snapping up this £7.54 waterproof mascara on sale (2022)

Summer-proof makeup: Shoppers are calling this £7.54 waterproof mascara 'the best' for smudge-proof lashes

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Hot weather can be disastrous for makeup. After applying mascara, the last thing we want is for it to end up sliding down our faces after only five minutes, thanks to the humidity and soaring temperatures.

If you're looking for a tried-and-tested waterproof mascara that won't budge in the heat and that's pool proof then it could be well-worth adding theL’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof mascara to your shopping bag.

Now on sale for £7.54 (was £11.99), the waterproof mascara is a true high street beauty hero, transforming short lashes into defined and lengthened eyelashes with just a couple of coats.

L’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof

With more staying power than the regular mascara, the L'Oreal Paris Paradise Waterproof version has become a hero product for those that are after the full fan effect but with the added resilience of a waterproof formula.

Enriched with lash-loving ingredients including castor and rose oils, it's also a popular choice for those with sensitive skin.

£7.54 (save £4.45) Shop

TheL’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof mascara delivers longer-looking fluttery lashes that will stand up to water and heat this summer - it's now on sale for £7.54

Not all mascaras are created equal, especially when it comes to waterproof versions. In the summer months we need a waterproof mascara that's guaranteed to withstand hot humid days (as well as occasional downpours), trips to the pool and beyond.

Thankfully, Amazon has slashed the price of one of the sites top-rated waterproof mascaras, reducing the price of theL’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof to just £7.54.

Despite the small price-tag, plenty of shoppers agree that this is up there with the best 'including high end' mascaras.

Delivering an even spread of product on the brush, the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof mascara delivers serious length and curl with little work.

With more staying power than the regular mascara, the waterproof version has become a hero product for those that are after the full fan effect but with the added resilience of a waterproof formula.

Better still, the mascara is enriched with lash-loving ingredients including castor and rose oils that make it a popular choice for those with sensitive skin.

If you find that some mascaras irritate your eyes or that you have panda eyes by the end of the day, Amazon shoppers claim this is a winner as it 'really lengthens lashes and is smudge and waterproof'.

Amazon shoppers have reported instant volume and claim 'it doesn't budge in hot conditions'

The extra-black formula for intense, volumised lashes and ultra-soft brush has made the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof mascara a popular choice with Amazon shoppers.

One impressed shopper raved: 'Great mascara! Stays on all day, doesn’t smudge and it’s not clumpy. Holds a good curl and makes lashes appear fuller and longer. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes like some others have.'

Another agreed, adding: 'I wear this mascara every day. It doesn’t budge in hot conditions or when it’s wet. I really like it. It makes my lashes look longer and fuller but doesn’t irritate my eyes. I think this is the best drugstore mascara you can get for the price!.'

A third penned: 'This is a fantastic waterproof. I went swimming and showered and it didn't run or smudge. Has to be removed with an oil based remover but comes off easily. It gives a really good, thick lash cover. So much better than the expensive brands I've tried.'


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Which is the best waterproof mascara on the market?

15 Best Waterproof Mascaras 2022
  • Maybelline. Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara Black. Maybelline New York. ...
  • Rimmel. 100% Waterproof Mascara. Rimmel. ...
  • L'Oréal Paris. Paradise Extatic Waterproof Mascara. L'Oréal Paris. ...
  • Stila. HUGE™ Extreme Lash Mascara Waterproof. Stila. ...
  • Barry M. That's How I Roll Mascara Black Waterproof. Barry M.

What is the most popular waterproof mascara?

Below, seven of the best waterproof mascaras to help you have a smudge-free summer.
  • L'Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Shiseido Imperial Lash Lengthening Mascara Ink. ...
  • Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara.
Jun 24, 2021

What is the best waterproof mascara in Canada?

Our top 12 waterproof formulas are below!
  • Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara.
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterprof. ...
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Revlon Volumazing Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara. ...
Mar 19, 2019

What is the best waterproof mascara for watery eyes?

  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • It Cosmetics Tightline Waterproof 3-in-1 Mascara. ...
  • Almay Length & Lift Mascara. ...
  • Buxom Lash Waterproof Volumizing Mascara. ...
  • Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Waterproof Mascara. ...
  • E.L.F Cosmetics Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.
Apr 23, 2021

What mascara do makeup artists use?

If you're looking for a mascara recommended by makeup artists and beauty lovers, They're Real Beyond Mascara by Benefit is a perfect choice. Ladies from all professions love this top beauty product for its ability to boost length, volume, lift, and curl.

Which mascara lasts the longest?

The best mascaras that will last until your toddler's bedtime
  • L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara. ...
  • Glossier Lash Slick. ...
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara. ...
  • Benefit They're Real Lengthening Mascara. ...
  • Collection Colour Lash All Day Wear Colour Mascara Clear. ...
  • e.l.f. Waterproof Lengthening u0026 Volumizing Mascara Black.
Apr 8, 2022

Is there a healthy waterproof mascara?

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Lash-Plumping Waterproof Mascara, Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara with Olive Oil to Build Fuller Lashes, Clump-, Smudge- and Flake-Free, Black/Brown 08, 0.21 oz.

Does waterproof mascara ruin your lashes?

The ingredients used in mainstream brand waterproof mascara are much stronger and even harsher than those in regular mascara. These ingredients damage your eyelashes and cause them to become very dry and very brittle. And this leads to fallout and loss of some of your beautiful eyelashes.

Is it better to buy waterproof mascara?

“Because waterproof mascara is designed to last, removing it can cause more damage to the lash compared to regular mascara,” says Dr. Engelman. Taking off waterproof formulas is a multistep process that requires lots of rubbing. Typically, I start with a makeup-removing wipe.

What is the difference between smudge proof and waterproof mascara?

Waterproof mascara resists water but not oil. Regular mascara resists normal levels of face oil but not water. Only smudgeproof mascara resists oil.

Why does my mascara always smudge under my eyes?

Why Does Mascara Smudge? The real culprit behind your smudgy mascara isn't the mascara itself, it's your seriously hydrated eyelids. It may annoy you that your oily lids cause your mascara to smudge and slide, but oily lids are actually something to embrace. The skin on your eyelids is extremely thin and delicate.

What mascara does not smudge?

Bobbi BrownNo Smudge Mascara

Bobbi has the BEST No Smudge Mascara... Other smudge-proof. What it is: A long-wearing, waterproof mascara that defines, curls, and lengthens lashes without smudging, clumping, or flaking.

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