RV Rental Orlando, FL, Motorhome & Camper Rentals in FL (2022)

Orlando is a wonderful place to explore by RV. The area’s mild weather means you can visit year-round and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, or just relax while appreciating the Florida beauty. RVshare makes an RV rental in Orlando easy and helps you find the perfect one for your needs.

As you begin your search for the perfect Orlando RV rental, you’ll first want to decide what class of motorhome you need. A Class A motorhome is the largest and has the most amenities for campers. They also tend to be the most expensive. You can expect to pay about $280 a night for an Orlando motorhome rental, although they range in price from under $100 to $680 per night. You can also save on your nightly rental price when you rent for longer - you’ll pay $252 a night if you rent for a week, and $209 per night when you rent for a month.

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Class B campervans are smaller, easier to drive and set up, and can fit just about any campsite. They’re a great option if you’re traveling solo or with just one other person. You can rent a Class B van near Orlando for $159 a night, although there are some that are lower in price and several that are higher. If you rent for a week, you’ll pay $143 a night, and if you rent for a month, you’ll pay $135 a night.

Class C campers are a good compromise between the other two classes. Class C campers have more room like a Class A, but are smaller like a Class B because they’re built on a truck chassis. You can rent a Class C motorhome in Orlando for about $195 a night. If you rent for a week, you’d pay $181 a night, and when you rent for a month you’ll pay $167 a night.

Discover Orlando

Orlando has so much to offer! You could spend your entire trip enjoying Disney World and other nearby amusement parks like Universal Studios. You can explore the city’s art and culture. Or you can be at the ocean in just about an hour, and enjoy a day on the sand.

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US National & State Parks

There are unique and beautiful options for US national parks in Florida and in the neighboring states.

If you're traveling down south of Orlando, Big Cypress National Preserve is a great place to visit. Big Cypress National Preserve is a freshwater swamp along Florida’s southwest coast that supports marine estuaries. It has a mixture of temperate and tropical plants, and it is home to wildlife, including the Florida panther.

If you want to head farther south, Everglades National Park features the largest tropical wilderness in the country and visitors can explore the swamps and wildlife of the park.

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Florida Caverns State Park is a unique area to visit, and Grayton Beach State Park is a beautiful beach spot. You can find more state parks to enjoy in Florida here.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

With so many attractions in Orlando, it’s no wonder there are a variety of campgrounds to choose from as well! The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, are home to deer, ducks, and armadillos and offer on-site entertainment and recreation as well as easy access to the Disney Parks. The Orlando/Kissimmee KOA, is arguably in one of the best locations and is near many popular sites in Orland.. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, there is the Winter Garden RV Resort and Sherwood Forest RV Resort.

Tourist Attractions

Walt Disney World Park is perhaps the most popular place to visit in Orlando. The iconic Magic Kingdom, Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom offer multiple delights for every member of the family to enjoy day after day. However, other attractions nearby include Discovery Cove, Sea World, Universal Studios Florida, and Volcano Bay.

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Other must-see attractions include the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which makes a great day trip, Gatorland, where the daily shows are an absolute thrill, and the Orlando Science Center, which showcases a wide range of science from biology and applied technology to mechanics.

Sports and Entertainment

Orlando is home to many different sporting events, so you can find a game to suit the fancy of anyone in your family. Soccer, basketball, baseball, football, indoor football, and even ice hockey take place in the big venues like Orlando City Stadium, Amway Center, Osceola County Stadium, and Trinity Preparatory School. The city is home to the NBA professional basketball league the Orlando Magic, which plays at Amway Center.

If you’re just looking for a night out, there are plenty of clubs to choose from. You might head to Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando, Pointe Orlando on International Drive, or Kings Dining and Entertainment on International Drive to give you a few ideas.

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Dump Stations

For dump stations in and nearby Orlando, you can choose from Waste Management sites – Orlando Transfer Station, Mc Leod Road Transfer Station, Waste Management Orlando Hauling, and Waste Services of Florida all offer services. Many campgrounds also have either dump stations or sewer hookups.

Highways & Airports near Orlando

The main highway that runs through downtown is Interstate 4, and state highway 50 (Colonial Drive) is the east-west thoroughfare. Other major north-south roads are highway 436 (Semoran Boulevard), 423 (John Young Parkway), and 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Local toll expressways include the Greenway, the East-West Expressway, and the Beachline, which is a toll road that connects Cocoa Beach to Orlando.

If you plan to fly to the area, Orlando International Airport is the largest airport and will likely have the most flight offerings. It’s six miles southeast of the city and is the busiest airport in the state. You can also fly into Sanford International Airport, and you may find your flight is cheaper when you head there instead of to Orlando. Sanford is farther from the city, however - about a thirty minute drive from downtown Orlando.

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