r/bollywood - Who are some of the biggest womanizers in the Industry who are womanizers on the sly? (2022)

Honestly, I would imagine it would be hard NOT to be sexually tempted in some way as an actor. I mean, it is one of the few industries where you are required to emotionally connect with and get into intimate situations with others on a daily basis at work. No matter how 'professional' it is, when you physically get that close to someone and are supposed to act romantically or otherwise, some of the emotions that are supposed to be 'acted' end up mixing with real ones because hey, it's hard to keep the two separate sometimes. And keep in mind that you are working with the same people for months at a time, often away from your spouse/family and in varying locations; it's not the same as your average job where you can return home at the end of the day. Highly successful actors do not have the same home dynamics as the rest of us or even other actors; SRK spends so much time at the airport that it's like a second home for him, and I'm sure as his kids grew up he was frequently away on sets. He loves work, so that's no secret, but still- that's the price they pay. Does it mean he cheats? No - he's had a surprisingly clean rep as a family man; it's amazing that he's literally the actor on TOP - who has had every opportunity to cheat- and yet his image has been successfully maintained as a family man.

Another thing is, and this may not be something people like to hear but I think it's true - many (I'd say most) people in the entertainment industry are a good degree selfish. I don't just mean in terms of vanity or wanting fame/fortune- but in more obvious way- there are plenty of guys who end up becoming actors because they know they'll get to work with beautiful women in close situations, and are living any red-blooded man's dream. They may not overtly display any attraction on their part but it probably operates at full force internally. And in India, it's a whole different ballgame altogether because the social structure is such that the guys 'on top' are unthinkingly awarded respect and are practically worshipped. Hollywood, on the contrary, is not so immediately revering - a Brad Pitt may be idolized by those on his crew, but if he starts treating enough of them badly they might well group together, revolt and complain to the production company or others. Bollywood, however, almost accords full power to those top producers and directors. It's almost unthinkable for the lower-tier crew and production staff to exercise any power because they know nobody would stand up for them fairly. So I would argue that it's almost easier in Bollywood to let power (particularly sexual power) go to their head. I.e. if that red-blooded actor wanted to woo his actress in private, or even an attractive crew member, he might be able to get away with it just by keeping it consensual and asking nobody to talk about it - because the level of respect for him is so high. In Hollywood, if a married actor tried that on his co-star, I think it would be more likely that the story would get back to the actor's wife somehow unless the two were careful. There are a lot of #MeToo stories now from Bollywood detailing just this- except many top folks have naturally abused that power and are paying the price.

That's not to say there aren't honest actors loyal to their spouses. Reports say that Rajkummar Rao is a loyal fellow, as is Ayushman Khurrana who has a wife and young children. But then again, we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. And also, being faithful to a spouse does NOT by itself mean the actor doesn't cheat- there are plenty who do both, and their spouses often put up with it because they know that the actor's job is what is paying for their lavish lifestyle. So unless it's really snuffed out, we are left to guess most of the time. But an industry where emotions and sexual boundaries are blurred constantly for the sake of acting, it's hard to distinguish the real from the fake, and that's the danger to actors (yet probably the very thing that attracts a lot of them too).

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