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Michelle Obama is a MAN - Rotter News (1)Michelle Obama is a man. Michelle Obama has the hands of a man, shoulders of a man, body of a man, male genitalia and Adam’s Apple.

Michelle Obama is a man…

Let’s get into it…

It’s been some time sinceobamahas been in our White House, yet, the “rumor mill” chugs along with old and new claims alike, concerning former First Lady/ Man, Michelle / Michael Obama is a man.

The author, public speaker and former attorney, Michelle Obama, aka Big Mike, has lived quite a notable and accomplished life, but strange whisperings concerning her sexual orientation continue to circulate on the fringes, such as: “Is Michelle Obama transgender?” or “Is Michelle Obama a man?”

Is Michelle Obama A Man?

1. Obama seals his records
2. No photos / entry in any hospital of their “children” being born to them
3. Obama was claimed to have done doing cocaine and having gay sex during his 2008 run for president
4. Joan Rivers was dead shortly after claiming Michelle Obama is a man
5. Man claim michelle real name is Michael Robinson.

“Michelle” has the hands of a man, the shoulders of a man, the overall body proportions of a man, male genitalia, and, as an added bonus — an Adam’s Apple! For years, the White House staff have all known that Michelle Obama is a man, and yet, along with countless others, have chosen to deceive the Nations.

No First Lady in U.S. history has ever shamelessly showed off their HUGE shoulders like Michelle Obama often did.

Video: The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The photo ofBig Mikethat follows was a familiar picture — over 8 long years — of FirstLadyMan displaying her massively-built trapezius muscles. Please look at the size of those traps.

Michelle Obama is a MAN - Rotter News (2)
How does a former attorney and hospital executive (both sedentary white collar jobs) turned First Lady, develop the sheer size and strength of her traps, clearly depicted in the photograph above?

Yes, women can work out and define their muscles, but, the photo shows mass and bulk in the traps.

For those who are unfamiliar with the musculoskeletal system, what follows is a diagram that highlights the exact location of the trapezius muscles that extend from the neck to the shoulders (shown inorange).
Michelle Obama is a MAN - Rotter News (3)

Big Mike’straps are much more developed than the muscular male model above!

Michelle Obama’s teeth also present evidence that Michelle Obama is reallyBig Mike. It’s well known by forensic criminal investigators that the teeth frequently provide the conclusive proof for identifying a murder victim. And so it also is with this decisive dental confirmation of the true identity of Michelle “Michael LaVaughn Robinson” Obama, akaBig Mike.

Again, if Michelle Obama is a man, that is his / her business, but we are focusing on the LIES here and how they cover ALL LIES UP.

Obama Lies

While Barack obama has repeatedly chosen to invalidate his Presidency by breaking his oath of office countless times, as he systematically destroys the American Constitution, “Michelle” has been working with the Mainstream Media to deceive the entire world into believing a man can be “the First Lady”.

Video: Louisiana Man Accused Of Streaming Fatal Stabbing On Facebook Live

The extent of the White House deception is truly “an unspeakable horror” — one that has gone on for years, before all of Heaven.

It is time for the entire world to know that The United States of America is a fraud! The United States will be forever compared to the fall of Rome unless people wake up and think for themselves.

Barack Obama has become “the King of Sodom.” Through the Mainstream Media.

Through tolerance, this entire Planet has knowingly embraced the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, and has, in fact, become even worse than those historical cities in the eyes of the One and only Creator.

Michelle Obama is a man – video remix

Before Trump would completely mesmerize American politics, there was the Obama family. Barack Obama would lead America to disaster, with the First Lady, Michelle Obama, aka Mike Obama, aka BIG MIKE by his side for eight years.

Throughout the years, the Obama administration would be rocked with scandals surrounding the legitimacy of Barack’s birth certificate (which was never provided, and is a pre requisite to becoming a US president) and where his loyalties truly lie.

Among all the theories that circulated the Obama White House (terrorist in our White House), one of the most startling ones was the notion that Michelle Obama was not a woman but was born a man. Being labeled outlandish, the theory on Michelle Obama being a man quickly disappeared and was labeled as conspiracy theory, which, is what they do. Anything they want gone is labeled as conspiracy theory.

Barack “terrorist” Obama can be gay all he wants, in my opinion….it’s his right, however, the hiding and lying (what they do best) is the troubling point here.

Video: Deepfake Queen: 2020 Alternative Christmas Message

Michelle Obama is a MAN - Rotter News (4)

The rumor regained traction when Facebook users shared a 2020 post that claimed Michelle was actually born “Michael” LaVaughn Robinson.

Theearliest instance of someone making this claimof Michelle Obama is a man on public record was Joan Rivers in 2014. Weeks before she died after complication from what was supposed to be minor throat surgery, the comedienne casually remarked to paparazzi, “You know Michelle (Obama) is a trans … A transgender. We all know it.”

More so, some conspiracy theoristswent so far to claimthat Rivers was even murdered over this as part of a cover up.

Many whistleblowers have been murdered or “accidentally died” when it comes to big Pharma or politics (Isaac Kappy exposes Hollywood pedos.)

Joan Rivers : Obama Is Gay, Michelle Is Transgender

Joan Rivers was dead shortly after claiming Michelle Obama is a man

Video: Spider-Man Cast Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal Surprises Kids at Children's Hospital LA

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones—you know, the man who lost a lawsuit for claiming that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax (they were) — ran with the rumor of Michelle Obama is a man.

In 2017, Alex Jones, said the claims about Michelle Obama’s gender were true. “Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and said that she is a man,” said Alex Jones. With his far-right websiteInfowarsreceiving an average of 10 million visits per month, his attempt to revive this unfounded theory landed on more eyeballs than it should have.

From there, the rumor of Michelle Obama is a man, made the rounds as it normally does, largely through social media and forums, with various memes, videos, and photos posted as supposed “proof” that Michelle Obama is a man.

There has been so much evidence out there that Michelle Obama is a man, one photo of “Big Mike” hugging little O. Michelle, having a bulge on live tv. We are way past rumors of this one.

The thing that is the most frightening here is some shadow entity being able to seal those Obama records and coincidentally take out Joan Rivers, if true.

But Joan Rivers believed in it and was always up front and honest, and they Epsteined her for it. It seems like a pretty random, bizarre and Conspiracy Theory-ish thing for Joan Rivers to say if there wasn’t a tiny smidgen of truth to it.

Do you think Michelle Obama is a man?

Share your thoughts on Michelle Obama is a manin the comments section below.

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