Man who raped infant nabbed after shootout, hunt on for another suspect (2022)

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The police and the accused briefly exchanged fire in the Samaypur Badli area before he was finally held.

Man who raped infant nabbed after shootout, hunt on for another suspect (1)

ByHT Correspondent, New Delhi

A day after a six-month-old girl and her 14-year-old sister, who suffers from a mental illness, were raped in outer north Delhi’s Libaspur area, police on Saturday said they arrested a 40-year-old man who allegedly sexually assaulted the infant.

The police and suspect briefly exchanged fire in the Samaypur Badli area before he was held.

Deputy commissioner of police (outer north) Brijendra Kumar Yadav identified the accused as Kamal Malhotra, alias Cheenu, an unemployed labour worker who lives in Jahangirpuri.

Investigators said they are on the lookout for another suspect, who allegedly raped the 14-year-old girl and owns a shop opposite the victims’ home.

Police said they received a PCR call around 7pm on Friday regarding the rape of a six-month-old girl at Libaspur. “The complainant said that when she returned home after work, she could not find her daughters. Later, she heard a cry nearby and when she stepped out to check, she found Kamal and Raju sexually assaulting her daughters. When they saw her, the accused fled,” said Yadav, adding that police were informed and the minors were taken to hospital.

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During investigation, police said, they got a tip-off that Kamal was seen in an abandoned park near Samaypur Badli.

“The team conducted a raid and upon seeing Kamal, the police team asked him to surrender but the accused didn’t listen and warned that he will open fire. Then he suddenly took out a country made pistol and fired at the police. In retaliation, police also opened fire and a bullet hit him on right leg after which he was overpowered,” said Yadav.

According to the police, Kamal had gone to visit Raju on Friday and the two drank liquor before allegedly committing crime.


shootoutsexual assaultdelhi policedelhi news+ 2 more

shootoutsexual assaultdelhi policedelhi news+ 1 more

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Man who raped infant nabbed after shootout, hunt on for another suspect (2)

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