Kim Kardashian Game Energy Cheat (2022)

If you dream about walking on the red carpet as an aspiring celebrity star, your dream can come true- if not, in reality, you can experience the same in the fantastic game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

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Yes, the game is named after the celebrity Diva, and she will guide you through your journey of reaching to the top.

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is, much to the chagrin of hardcore gamers the world over, the most popular mobile game on the iOS (and possibly number one on Android). Your goal is to become a famous celebrity with the help of Kim Kardashian, but it’s a long grind up from the E-list all the way up to the A-list. Step 1: Fully exit out of game (double click home button and swipe up) Step 2: Settings, general, date and time, turn off set automatically then set date one. Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack is the best-hacked version where you can get unlimited energy, cash, and stars to level up faster in the game. You can enjoy many features for free with this hack. Is Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack legal? Yes, Kim Kardashian Hollywood Free Hack is completely legal. To get unlimited energy, exit the game and go to Settings on your device (ios or android). Turn off automatic date and time. Go to your clock and set the time forward by half an hour to an hour. When you open Kim Kardashian: Hollywood again up, your energy should be refilled!

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In-game currency plays a vital part in this game also and here comes the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats from an A-Tier Player.

In This Article..

Top 7 Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats For Free K Stars

Energy is one such item for which most of the players strive. It is required to complete any activity in the game, be it the gigs, party or any photoshoot. There is an energy meter that gets replenished automatically, but there is a maximum cap for the Energy to be stored.

Kim Kardashian Game Energy Cheat (1)

But when you start some more significant tasks, you require more Energies than the maximum cap. Unless you know the next kk game cheats you will land upon scarcity of this item.

1. Watch a Video And Earn Energy

You can buy Energy through K star. Five K-stars will give you six energy refill. But the best Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack is to watch a video and collect Energy. So when you are in desperate need to complete the gigs or your date, these videos are quite helpful.

Click on the task bubble without any energy with you, and you will find a pop-up window to watch these videos.

2. Watch a Video And Speed Up Your Energy Replenishment

In a natural way, you will get one energy after five minutes of gameplay. Whether you are playing or offline, the regeneration stays active. But the first opportunity in the game is to speed up this energy generator.

You will find one loudspeaker symbol that shows up the offers in the game. You will find there a proposal for watching a video and speed up your energy generation. Use this Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack and reduce your time for getting one energy from five to 4 minutes.

3. Explore Objects And Get Energy

In the game, you will find some objects that appear differently in the graphics. They are the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks that work where you will find Energy. Tap on all single item that you find and keep remembering them. You will get Energy from them not only once, every time, but after a specific interval.

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4. Purchase Items And Get Free Energy

You have the option to decorate your apartment or home by purchasing various items. You can buy furniture, pets or books. Purchasing these items increases your social status and EXP as well as some of these purchases create an achievement. Achieving more goal is the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks that work and gives you Energy.

5. Upgrade Level

Levelling up fills your energy bar, but you must use the Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack iOS cautiously. While you are on the verge of levelling up to take higher tasks to spend maximum Energy. Spend Energy randomly and do not collect them. Make a fast attempt before the points are collected automatically. It will use up all your Energy and after the scores are collected your levelling up will fill the bar again.

6. Save your K-Star For Pets

The first wise method to spend K-star is after pets. Save 40 K-stars and get your first pet. Pets are best Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks to collect one energy in every four hours.

7. Buy Gym

In the higher Tier, you can buy the LA gym. You will get one energy every four hours as you visit your gym. But do not use any Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacked apk, these options will vanish.

How to Hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood to Get More K-Stars

K-star is the premium currency in the game. If you own unlimited K-star, you can get anything you want in the game. However, you cannot have more K-stars unless you spend a lot of money. Many players who are on Tier-A still do not possess many K-stars since they are not willing to use Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats. But you have our tips below:

Watch a Video And Win K-Star

In the star shop, you will find an option to watch a promotional ad and win one K-stars. You can watch one video in a while and collect Kim Kardashian Hollywood unlimited stars no survey.

Level Up And Receive K-Stars

Levelling up gives one K-star as a bonus. In the beginning, you will level up fast and can collect these prizes quickly.

Complete Achievements

Some of the Achievements give one K-stars in reward. You can check the achievement tab and find which those precious tasks are. Complete them on priority and collect K star.

Private Jet Cost You 120 K Stars

It might be a one-time investment, but the returns are high. After pets, the first thing you should own is the private jet. It will save all your Kim Kardashian Hollywood unlimited stars no survey.

Never Use Your K-stars In Purchasing Stuff

In the game, the most expensive apparels are all available for you. You can own these items once you have enough K-stars. But in the beginning, you won’t have much of them unless you purchase a pile of K-stars from the store.

Our tips for beginners is not to spend K-stars after purchasing clothes and accessories. Instead, you should spend Cash to get some of them. Cash can be earned much more relaxed way in the game, and you can spend them accordingly.


Kim Kardashian Game Energy Cheat Sheet

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats for Money

Save Rent

The best Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to save money is to own an apartment as early as possible. If you are staying in a rented apartment, then you need to spend a lot of money. Every month the landlord will irritate you with his face and ask for 750$. That’s a considerable amount, and all of them can be saved through owning an apartment. The cheapest apartment at the beginning is Lunas Condo.

Also, when you have an apartment, you can throw a party. Parties are comfortable Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to earn money and fame.

Buy a Car As Soon As Possible

Another Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack that you must target from the beginning is to own a car. After you own an apartment, you can go to its garage, and you will find the option to buy a car.

The usefulness of having a car is to save all the money in the game for your travel. You need to travel from one place to another frequently, and all these are primarily done in Metro. But the expenses are significant. As you grow up in level, these expenses matter a lot. When you have a car, you can save all of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend anything on fuel for the vehicle.

Collect Hidden Money

As mentioned earlier, some of the hidden objects give you money. There is a Kim k game hack that you can follow every time. When you are into an event and waiting for your energy bar to fill, exit from the Event and go to the hidden location. You will surely get the money and EXP.

Take a Job

Primarily your aim should be to turn higher in Tier and level so that new perks are unlocked to you. There will be times when your manager won’t find any gigs. You don’t need to wait for him, but you can take jobs on your own. Jobs are quickest Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack in the game. Go to the Kardash stores and take small jobs. You can compete with them easily with five stars. As a reward, you will make money also.

Log Into Facebook

Social media is the new cool in the game and connecting with Facebook will allow you to get multiple benefits. As a primary Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack, you will receive 20 bonus points instantaneously. When you are connected to the game, you can see which of your friends are playing. The game allows you to invite friends for helping you. Your friend can help you with gigs and also take part in parties. If you wish you can date with any of your friends too.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Rewards

The daily mystery box is among the final Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats that is reminded to you not to miss. Regularly log in to the game, and the first thing you should do is to collect the mystery box reward. It’s a simple cheat game, and you have to select one box out of the eight closed boxes. All these boxes contain rewards like money, K-star EXP or dresses. Be the lucky one and get the most expensive gifts daily.

Another Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack that is useful here is to double up your reward. You can unbox another award if you agree to watch a video.

The daily mystery box is a token of thanks from the developers for the players who play the game consistently and most importantly as legal players. Many Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod apk is available that is not a genuine copy of the game. If you intend to play with them, you will miss these prizes.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood VIP

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood VIP subscription is the final Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack worth mentioning in this article. If you are a VIP member, you can earn more than fifty clothing free. They are valuable brands to impress others and increase their number of Fans.

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Also, as VIP member you will get guaranteed K-star in your daily mystery box. Your energy cap is increased to an additional ten points when you take these subscriptions. The VIP subscription is the best use of your money when you don’t mind to spend some.

However, for those who don’t want to pay, also can experience these rewards for a limited period of seven days. You can enjoy all these features as a trial for free and if you change your mind, can subscribe further.

Final Touch

Winning the heart of 200 million fan’s heart and maintain a Tier-A status is quite challenging unless you know all the above Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats. There is always a close eye of media upon you, and if you are away from the limelight, new stars competing you are born. Being Celebrity is easy; maintaining it requires effort. Play the game and enjoy a star life.

Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is, much to the chagrin of hardcore gamers the world over, the most popular mobile game on the iOS (and possibly number one on Android). Your goal is to become a famous celebrity with the help of Kim Kardashian, but it’s a long grind up from the E-list all the way up to the A-list. Read on for the top 20 tips and tricks for Kim Kardashian – Hollywood!

20: Try to get five stars on all of the assignments that you go on.
Modeling, shooting a video, shooting a movie or a TV show or even a commercial, or making appearances at parties. These are all things that you have to do, and when you do them, try to get five stars on everything. Complete as many actions as you can before the timer is up- if you get five stars before the timer runs out, you’ll end the assignment early, and the more stars, the more fans you’ll end up earning.

19: Accept an assignment only once you have a full energy bar.
This makes it much easier to five-star everything. With one-hour assignments, accepting them with empty energy may completely sabotage your chance at earning five or even four stars, so if you need to regain energy, go and do something else for awhile until your energy comes back. Then go to the assignment and accept it and complete it.

Kim Kardashian Game Cheats

18: Look around the scenery in the game for free energy, cash, and experience.
Tap on anything that appears to be in the “foreground”. This uncludes stuff like mailboxes, suitcases at LAX, birds that are perched on walls, bicycles, motorcycles and signs. Many of them will earn you bonuses once every five minutes or so, often including energy, so flying from place to place to tap everything will often recover most of your energy bar when you are empty.

17: Take store jobs in order to earn some fast cash.
These, for some reason, actually pay more than the assignments do, so take a store shift if you need some cash. Like the others, accept these only if you have a full energy bar (usually), but if you’re accepting a longer shift this is more flexible. The more stars you earn, the more cash you’ll earn as a bonus for completing it.

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16: Know how many fans you need to work your way up the various lists.
The E-list is where you begin, and to work your way up the D-list, you will need to pass 5,000 fans. To make it to the C-list, you will need to make it to 50,000 fans. The B-list will require 500,000 fans, and the A-list, the magnus opus of the “lists”, requires 5 million fans.

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