Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (2022)

Spirits of the prominent and the ordinary haven’t checked out.

Some are possessive, some are willing to share, and others are on a mission they cannot fulfill.


It is described as a Spanish Colonial Revival-styled boutique hotel that rivals any of the upper scale hotels in Los Angeles. It is managed by Thompson Hotels.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (1)Guests walk into a two story lobby that is decorated in a rich Spanish style featuring hand-painted beams. The Hollywood Roosevelt today offers a wonderful mix of historical features and cutting edge amenities, that sometimes come along with an extra fee. Some perks with a fee include: baby-sitting, in -room wifi, cooked-to-order breakfasts, water, in room honor bar, snacks, fitness center, massages and body treatments, Spa Services, Dry Cleaning/Laundry, Safe-deposit box, and many more.

One perk that is popular with upper-income young people (21-30) is the hotel’s trendy nightclub, TEDDY’S. Another draw for this age group are pool parties that a person can buy a ticket to attend. Other perks include a rooftop terrace.

There are 300 guest rooms and suites, offering a variety of choices. The Hollywood Roosevelt also has 25000 square feet of conference space and meeting rooms.

Its ballroom (called the Blossom Room) is a popular place for receptions and social events of all kinds, as it has been since the opening of the 12 story The Roosevelt Hotel. The first two Academy Award banquets were held in the Blossom Room. Many other events throughout the hotel’s history were held in the Blossom Room.


Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, this twelve story luxury hotel was built for the rich and famous: the biggest and brightest Hollywood stars. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Spanish Colonial Revival style found in its structure and its decor was designed by architects Fisher, Lake & Traver.

It was financed by successful movie stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and movie mogul Louie B Mayer, among others. This luxury hotel with 300 rooms and suites cost 2.5 million dollars, which was quite a chunk of change in 1927.

Its grand opening was held on May 15th, 1927, and offered everything that would please people who were expecting perks and amenities due to their fame and social class. These amenities included a large pool, large banquet rooms, a penthouse library, luxury suites, room service, probably massages, laundry service and an elegant, first class decorum.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (2)Many successful movie stars enjoyed staying here, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. The stable of actors and actresses that worked for Louie B Mayer’s film Studio all got to stay here, as he helped to build it.

Some actors and actresses stayed here for a period of time, when they were on their way up the ladder of success that brought them fame and fortune.

Marilyn Monroe was a resident guest for two years when her modeling career soared. Her first magazine photos were taken pool-side at The Roosevelt Hotel.

In 1952, Montgomery Clift stayed in room 928 while filming the movie, “FROM HERE TO ETERNITY.” During his three month stay at the Roosevelt Hotel, Montgomery Clift was learning his lines successfully and practicing his trumpet skills for this hit film. In this role, he received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor. Surely, this was one of the highlights of his life.

By 1984, The Roosevelt Hotel had become a fixer-upper opportunity. Its owners stepped up to the plate, and spent a boatload of money, providing a 12 million dollar restoration/ renovation facelift to this grand old Hollywood Dame of a hotel. She once more was a glorious, elegant, historical hotel, with modern amenities and perks that the well-to-do enjoy.

New artistic beauty has been added to the Roosevelt Hotel. According to the hotel’s website, they state: “In 1988, British painter David Hockney completed a multi-million dollar mural painted on the bottom of the Tropicana Pool, which has since been hailed as one of Los Angeles’s greatest artistic and architectural marvels. Both the hotel and the pool have been designated Historic-Cultural Monuments by the City’s Cultural heritage Commission.”

In 2005, another major renovation was completed (overseen by Dodd Mitchell). The spirit people who stay here seem to approve of the changes, and continue to enjoy their after-life at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


When children die, they sometimes are restless and continue to look for their parents in the last place they saw them while alive.

Monteleone Hotel, LA (A young boy died of a disease and he is still looking for his parents amongst the guests).

Old Faithful Inn, WY (A little boy who drowned in the lake is breaking the hearts of living guests when he tearfully asks them where his parents are).

Bodie, CA (A young girl was killed accidentally in an accident, and she is still looking for her family in a cheerful way).

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, CA (A little girl spirit who plays here still is looking for her mother).

People who have emotional and physical problems in this world that lead to negative consequences, are sometimes restless when they unexpectedly die and enter the spirit world; still wanting a comeback from their issues. Sometimes, they seek peace by staying in a place where they had success, reliving these memories so they can try to let go of the other failures of their life.

DuPont Mansion, KY (The spirit of Alfred Victor DuPont has remorse for his denial of his love child and looks for the child in the park. He’d still has an eye for living ladies giving them unwanted attention in the family home).

Myrtles Plantation House, LA (A house slave named Chloe, who lost her ear when her master cut it off, baked a birthday cake laced with poison, in hope of making the children and her mistress sick, but they died instead. Chloe was hung from a tree. Her spirit is looking for her mistress, to ask for forgiveness and leniency).

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, CA (The spirits of of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift find some peace at the Roosevelt Hotel, trying to work out their issues in this favorite place).

Marilyn Monroe was a troubled, unhappy soul while alive. She used sex, pills and alcohol to ease her deep-seated emotional pain caused by the unfortunate up-bringing she experienced in her love-less childhood. She needed to see a therapist, but never got help. She accidentally overdosed on pills and alcohol and suddenly died: not able to find a way to work out her pain in this world.

Montgomery Clift was a troubled but talented method actor who fell out of favor with Hollywood because of his addiction to pain killers and alcohol. He first started to use this self-medication method lightly to control his intestinal issues. Montgomery started to use them heavily after his 1958 car accident. This drug use affected his ability to show up for filming, and his ability to learn his lines.

Montgomery Clift died suddenly, right before he was to be in a big studio film, “Reflections in a Golden Eye,” with Elizabeth Taylor (who had put her salary up as collateral, as a promise that he would be reliable and show up for filming.) Montgomery accepted a role in the European film, “The Defector,” to prove to the studio and to Elizabeth that he could be a reliable actor.

Restorations of historical buildings can act like an environmental trigger that activates former spirit people who were residents, owners, employees and guests. They are drawn back to the place that they loved while alive. This is especially true of spirits who were troubled in life, and are now restless as spirits. They try to remember their good times there.

Gold Hill Hotel, NV (When this Virginia City historic hotel was restored to its former glory, spirits celebrated by becoming active in this world once again)

Menger Hotel, TX (Besides being a draw for past spectral patrons, spirits who died fighting for independence from Mexico, have checked in for a rest and to gain some peace, as this hotel was built on part of the Alamo battlefield).

Geiser Grand Hotel, OR (When this really creaky structure was renovated and restored to its former glory, spirits attached to this building were very enthusiastic and appeared to workers to cheer them on!).

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, CA (After the first major 1984 restoration/renovation face-lift of The Roosevelt Hotel, spirits became very active, ready to move back in with the eager living guests, who wish to experience elegance and history. They look for the peace and memories of enjoyment they had at this hotel. Others participate in the amenities offered, like a swim in the pool!)

One such happy guest is Carol Lombard.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (3)


While many guests of this grand hotel are completely unaware of the ghostly clientele, there are quite a few unseen entities happily residing here, unable to find peace needed to go to the other side.

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