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8580 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, 90069

West Hollywood

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Video: Pete Davidson promoting H&M on a bus stop video in West Hollywood, CA

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20 reviews of H&M

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Tracy S.

Place rating: 5
Los Angeles, CA

Everybody talks about this bad parking there don’t park in the lot park on the street and put a bunch of quarters and every time I go to this fabulous store I parked right in front or block away do not park in Sunset Plaza they give you an $ 85 ticket or maybe it was $ 68 something like that wasn’t happy about that one they actually follow you and watch you on camera and I actually ate and Sunset Plaza I just went to go look at the windows it was closed H&M it was at night and I still get a ticket whatever anyway I love this store because it’s organized and neat friendly help and was there the other night I noticed a lot of the size the tags with the size and the price I were sticking out so you could see them you don’t have to keep burying into each garment to see the size so you can find your size it was way more organized and I shop there really late and you guys are closing and they let me try on my stuff and buy what I need and they help me really quickly and they were really friendly they weren’t nasty because it was closing time and they’re really helpful and I’m going back today to return a couple things and I’m look around the rest the stuff and I really like three pieces that I bought a dress that has a halter top of the dress is black and then it has turquoise necklace attached to the dress it’s really nice and it’s flowing and some straps suede high heels to go with it and also a long black dress that has a wide peekaboo in the chest area is really cute and I’m returning another dress because it’s too long on me and I’m short so I’m going there today and I’m sure I’ll spend more money that I am returning because it because I love that store yes I know the Beverly Center has a lot en more stuff but that place is crazy in the Beverly Center it’s pics through it’s messy the help is not anywhere near like the one on Sunset Plaza and I only go there if I have to if I’m not finding what I need at sunset Plaza one anyway I look forward to going there today I can’t say that about many stores So also thank you so much for being so kind Sunset Plaza West Hollywood says it was a store to me over the last four years I have been shopping there always come right when it’s a half an hour before they close it does matter what day of the week it is whatever it is I don’t even know when you guys close and you’ve all been very nice to me thank you I’ve gotten a lot of jewelry a lot of bottoms and tops fun bags and and a tons of accessories and I bought Christmas presents there last year so much fun and then when I went to the Beverly Center and Century City I do not like Century City one at all I don’t know there’s a weird place /​space in the mall a weird location on that one with one the Beverly Center as well they had such great deals I just love H&M that’s all.

Andrew D.

Place rating: 1
Los Angeles, CA

Video: Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official Video)

The service from the female employee this morning was horrible. I simply asked a question, or ask for help. She found it fit to scream across the store and not be very helpful.

Love B.

Place rating: 5
Los Angeles, CA

This is the only H&M I will go to. It is very clean and well organized. Parking isn’t the best but that’s what you expect of this location. The staff are nice and helpful as well. I can’t go to the bigger H&M stores because it puts my OCD into overdrive and I have to walk out. This location I am always able to find what I came for and leave with spend more money than intended.

Mayka B.

Place rating: 5
Burbank, CA

I love to shop at H&M, their affordable prices and great styles always put a smile on my face. This H&M in particular makes me wanting to come back for more. Compared to other stores I’ve been in, this one is quite compact and to-​the-​point. I love shopping here because i don’t have to hop on and off escalators and and dig through piles of clothes. When I am in H&M on Sunset, I easily browse through neatly displayed and selected garments that seem to suit my taste. There is no line for the changing room, and I can be in and out with a new outfit in 1520 mins. Staff is courteous, polite, and always ready to help. I will definitely be back for more!

Called H&M customer service and they seemed like they didn’t even know this store existed. Couldn’t get me an address, contact info, parking info, etc. If you need help from them above the $ 8/​hr level, you’re f*cked

Anita G.

Place rating: 5
Miami Beach, FL

Our beloved «h&m of sunset» proves every time that size doesn’t matter. They are one of the smallest h&m I’ve ever been to but it’s cool because they only sell the coolest stuff. My mom, sis and I love this store! No huge lines, no waste of time looking thru 3 floors of crap like at other bigger h&ms, and we always find cool stuff there that looks like a million bucks. So next time you are in one of those huge h&m stores desperate after wasting your whole day not finding anything worthy of your hard earned dollar and looking at the ads w/​the skinny models they have in their videos and wondering «humm I wonder where they hanged what she is wearing» YEAH! It’s prob hanging at the Sunset Blvd store baby! ;)

Lindsay C.

Place rating: 3
Springfield, MA

Please don’t even BOTHER going to the location off Hollywood Blvd (right near Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Dolby Theater, etc) unless you’re already parked in the area. Come to this location on Sunset Blvd.
–easily accessible right off Sunset Blvd. in the Sunset Plaza
–parking available in garage or street (metered parking)
–underwhelming (in numbers) and apathetic (in attitude)… felt slightly looked down upon, which was silly as I was already dressed head-​to-​toe in H&M apparel.
–half of the time, the dressing rooms were staffed, other times, not.
–a smaller store than others I have been to
–didn’t have several items that were offered online
–limited especially in accessories
–no bathroom, even for paying customers
–free fashion mag offered at cashier
What I bought: black leather dress, pack of earrings, two belts… approximately $ 80.
I like H&M, I even like this location… but I know they could do better, especially in terms of customer service.

Regina W.

Place rating: 3
Los Angeles, CA

I went here on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty quiet. This was the neatest H&M I’ve ever seen but it was also one of the smallest. Everyone was super friendly and the clearance section was decent. I was able to find a blouse in my size which is rare. My only complaint is the parking. I parked in the lot on the corner of Alta Loma and Sunset and the spaces are very compact. When it came time to paying ($ 2 for the first 2 hours) at the check out stand in front of the elevator, the machine kept spitting the ticket out. I pressed the assistance button and they told me to try the machine at the exit. I pulled up to it and put the tickets in with my credit card and it said transaction cancelled. For some reason, it just wouldn’t take my ticket and I was holding up a line of cars. Luckily, someone came over and I just paid cash because he couldn’t figure it out either. This is a nice H&M location but parking was a hassle for me.

Janet P.

Place rating: 4
Beverly Hills, CA

this h&m is always clean and roomy to walk around. Most h&m’s are always busy and have long lines. The only reason why i gave then 4 stars is because of their parking. other than that, i love this one and its the only one i go to.
the sales associate are also super nice and always willing to help.
great plus– 30 day money back. no questions asked!!!

Kat K.

Place rating: 1
Los Angeles, CA

Sigh. the worst service. Ever.
bad exchange experience on sunset location and the manager «Alec» (who has the Napoleon Syndrome cuz he’s so short) tells me that i can’t exchange and have to return to the original store.
are you F-​ing kidding me? this is a chain store and i don’t have to return back to the same store!
he kept saying «No» to whatever i was saying and it was a definite power trip for him to deny me an exchange.
so i had to drive back to the original store for the return which they accepted.
i was so pissed that i called the H&M 800 Complaint Number and the customer Service Rep told me the District Manager will see to the Complaint.
District Manager –one person’s complaint might not seem a big deal to you but it only takes One Domino Affect.
as for the Douche bag Alec — Karma will get you.

Katie M.

Place rating: 4
Los Angeles, CA

Video: H&M team at Virtual Reality Arcade Hollywood

This branch of H&M is right up the street from the place I work, making it my second home!
The selection is more limited than its Beverly Center counterpart, but for the Margiela releases, I was able to find a lot of pieces that sold out quickly at other locations.
The only quip I have about this branch is that there are never enough registers open! Staff are friendly and helpful, but beware – limited quantities of all sizes are available here, so if you like it, buy two while you can!

Tess M.

Place rating: 3
Los Angeles, CA

Au courant? Mai oui. Affordable? Indeed. Disposable? Perfect for one season’s wear but that’s just me, and the way I shop. Not afraid to spend big money on fashion pieces, I can proudly say, I wear yesteryear’s purchases today.
BUT when I feel the need to update, refresh, if you will, shops like H & M, Ross, and even Target, for pennies, put pizzazz back in my wardrobe with accessories.
Post, late lunch at Le Petit Four
, my friend and I wandered in completely unaware of time. The store was about to close or perhaps had already sans locking the doors. Tacit, thin, perfectly coifed and dressed young men hustled; straightening racks, precisely aligning garments, but no one said anything to us regarding store hours.
Suddenly, my ex-​garmento radar kicked in, it was indeed closing time, time to go, but not before I paid for my new, long, leopard print, ten bucks plus change, scarf to match the flats and Kenneth Cole bag I scored at Ross last month. Grrrrrrr…

Melanie K.

Place rating: 2
Frankfurt, Germany

It’s a really small shop and therefore doesn’t offer you a lot of choices. For example they are missing an underwear section.
The service was not to good. I asked for something and she just said «No, we don’t.» I would have been more glad if it was something like «No, sorry, we don’t but you might have better chances at H&M on … St.»
Also the parking situation is a nightmare.

Kali M.

Place rating: 2
San Francisco, CA

I’m an H&M regular, but have only been to this location twice. I’ve never been surrounded by such snooty, unpleasant people — both the sales staff and other patrons. Ugh. I’d almost forgotten what the LA snobs were like because somehow, inexplicably, I’ve managed to mostly avoid them for the eight years I’ve lived in this city.
The stock is okay but not nearly as expansive as the Beverly Center location. What they lack in quantity they make up for in quality — this is more of their «upscale» stuff and less of the junk.

Bernadette H.

Place rating: 5
Belmont Heights, CA

If you LOVE fashion but you’re a starving artist, H&M is the place to be. I’ve been to many other ones in the past (I first got a taste when I was in NYC several years ago), but this particular location is the most fashionable without having to hop on a plane to Manhattan.
I’m here almost every weekend (the wifey works out at Equinox while I shop), and I’ve ALWAYS gotten the best service. There’s a very nice guy with a mandanna who always helps me, and he treats me like I’m a personal friend (even though I don’t know his name).
This location is where you can find the limited edition designer collaborations, like Roberto Cavalli or Lanvin. (I’m crossing my fingers for a Missoni/H&M collabo, but I’m not holding my breath.) I overwhelmingly prefer H&M over Forever 21 (the latter getting into REALLY deep shit with ripping off designer labels and social injustices).
Too bad this location is really far from me ;_​; It’s a special treat to go here once a week with the wifey…

Ragan F.

Place rating: 2
Los Angeles, CA

I love the affordable, stylish clothes at H & M but hate the customer service at this location. It seems like every employee at this store wakes up and chants, «I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.» And they enact this chant every time you ask them a question, try to get a dressing room, and pay for your merchandise. I’ve actually heard a salesperson tell his co-​worker, «I’m NOT answering that phone. I’m on the clock but ‘not on the floor.’» Look, I’m not a total a-​hole; I understand that every workplace has its own set of frustrating machinations, but don’t grumble in front of customers.
Pet peeve: They regularly forget to remove security devices from their clothes, which is a total nuisance. On one trip, they left THREE security doo-​hickies on my purchased items. First of all, it’s H & M. Is loss prevention THAT big of a deal? Are people in Hollywood and West Hollywood really clamoring to steal $ 20 shirts? Is there some gay clothing bandit who has a unquenchable thirst for cheap shirts? Second, the last thing I want to do after spending 30 minutes in line is go back to the cashier and have him give ME a dirty look ‘cuz HE forgot to remove the stupid device.
Speaking of lines, H & M has the LONGEST checkout lines. I follow Sarah Silverman on Twitter and she best captured this sentiment when she wrote, «I’m in the longest line at H & M. It’s actually getting longer.»
Another pet peeve: I have the H & M iPhone app. I recently was in the store and couldn’t find two shirts that were featured on the application. The salespeople first pointed me in the direction of shirts that totally weren’t even close to the ones I showed them via the iPhone app AND they claimed there was no way they could track down the items at another store without knowing the exact number for each item. Evidently, I wasn’t providing enough information when I came into their store with THEIR application in hand and showed them exactly which items I wanted from their «latest collection.»
Overal, H & M gets an A+ for affordability; a B+ for style; a D for quality (‘cuz their clothes fall apart before the second wash); and an F for customer service.

Jessica C.

Place rating: 1
Los Angeles, CA

Wow. This was by far the worst retail experience I’ve had in a long time.
My mission: to exchange a winter coat for a smaller size.
I arrive at this location, and briefly look around what seemed to be a poorly stocked floor. The item I was looking for seemed to be nowhere in sight, but I figured, hey, might just be easier to ask anyway since surly the employees who spend all freaking day here must be familiar with their own set up.
I approach a bitchy looking girl at the front desk who seems put off by the fact that I’m going to ask for her help. But I also figure, whatever, this is the most demanding thing she’ll have to do all day here — help a customer.
Me: Hey, I was just wondering if you have this coat in a smaller size?
Her: Mmm… I don’t think so.
Me: Do you know you don’t have it or do you just think you don’t have it?
Her: Yeah, well, our men’s department is small. So probably not.
Me: So you are saying you don’t have this coat at all.
Her: Yeah, no, we don’t.
Me: Okay… [I wait briefly for her to offer more help. She doesn’t.] So could you check the store system to see if another location has this coat?
Her: What?
Me: You know, some stores have a computer system set up so you can check to see what’s in stock at all the different locations.
Her: Oh. Yeah. I think I know what you’re talking about. Yeah. We don’t have that.
Me: Okay, well, can you call the other location to see if they have it?
Her: Oh. Um. Yeah. I guess.
She picks up the phone and dials… I can already tell she doesn’t want to speak to anyone at the store. After a few half-​hearted rings she gives up.
Her: Yeah, our phones don’t really work that well. They just ring a lot. I guess if you give me your cell phone I could call on that.
Weird and unprofessional. What sort of a retail store doesn’t have phones that can call their other locations? Who gives people their cell phones to talk on?
I ultimately end up getting the store number from her and call myself.
And then I call Beverly Hills, Glendale, Century City, Westside Pavilion, and Santa Monica and NONE of them have it. Meanwhile, each store puts me on hold for twenty minutes making the whole process take hours.
Forget shopping online — H&M apparently does not have any US «shipping centers» and thus online purchases in this country are not even possible. Kind of ridiculous.
Finally I find it at Del Amo mall. A far cry from West Hollywood.

Angela O.

Place rating: 2
Tucson, AZ

Crap. O. Rama. This store is small, you have to wait an hour for the annoyed guy to let you in to the dirty dressing rooms, you then have to spend another ten minutes sifting for the right size if whatever you tried on didn’t fit (crossing your fingers all the while that they’ll have it in stock, cuz no one’s gonna help you look!). Then, if you score a purchase, you’ll have to deal with the annoyed guy again to check out. He’s cruising the store with his eyes, bored, asking rote questions and not listening to your answers. All this, AND you get to pay $ 2 to park WITH validation? Sign me up …

Sean B.

Place rating: 4
San Francisco, CA

I got lucky here today, apparently the sale section was having a good day. Had a very different experience than Shemuell today. Bought two sweaters, heavily discounted… $ 40 original price, got them for about $ 7.50 each.
Truth; the men’s section is tiny. Truth; the men’s sale section is tinier. But they had a few things in my size and they were good things… so I’m a happy shopper. Also, somehow though it’s Black Friday, I was one of three customers in the store. Odd.
Didn’t run into the attitude that some speak of either. Two associates on the sales floor were talking amongst themselves and ignoring me, but truthfully I wasn’t there that long, and certainly didn’t give them any indications that I needed any assistance. The clerk who rang up my order was very friendly, even complimented my watch… so no ‘tude there for sure.
I’m not sure I’ll run back, since it clearly was an issue of stars in alignment that gave me such good deals in a tiny men’s section with a tiny clearance section, but if I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll pop in again.

Kai L.

Place rating: 4
Beverly Hills, CA

It’s H&M, so you know the drill…
It’s eternally better than Forever 21 (which recently began carrying men’s merchandise), a lot slicker than Wet Seal, and, barring Planet Funk’s galaxy of premium denim choices, is funkier than that celestial body, too.
If value-​priced, cutting edge fashion is your goal, then H&M can get you there in style. If you’ve got fifty dollars, you can buy a complete outfit — including jeans — to rock out in tonight, and look like you spent a thousand!
– unless discerning eyes look too carefully, because upon closer inspection it’s obvious that the materials used in most of H&M’s clothes and accessories are inexpensive — and not very durable.
Thus, that cute T-​shirt that says «Pink is the New Black» (isn’t that phrase kind of OVER by now?) probably won’t make it through too many wash and dry cycles, even if you’re careful.
So, how does the Sunset Strip location measure up to other H&Ms?
Parking? A cruel bitch. Bring quarters.
Service? It’s either super cool and attentive, or totally bored and pretentious («ooh look at me I’m in the fashion industry» — NOT), depending on who’s working, and when you come in.
– Basically it’s like any store. This location is big, with more than enough fitting rooms (unlike the Westside Pavillion location) — it’s even bigger than the Hollywood Blvd branch.
Selection is FANTAZorgazmic (not a word, but I’ll keep it) for both girls and guys, so if you saw that sexy cable knit cardigan in a magazine or billboard, you’ll see it here, honey, in real life.
Oh, look! It’s only $ 49 — buy two!
One for you, and the other one also for you — after you accidentally machine wash hot, and that sweater comes out of the dryer four sizes too small.
(Although, with proper accessorizing…)

Video: Actress Sarah Hyland arrives at the Balmain for H&M launch party in West Hollywood, Calif.


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