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Fort Causeway Fort Causeway Family Farm Newfoundland Dog Breeder in USA LOVELL, WY, US Gold breeder
Hollywood Hills Homestead We pride ourself in breeding and raising extraordinary, high quality Newfoundlands, Leonbergers and Great Pyrenees. Bred to improve the breed, we breed for excellent health,... Newfoundland Dog Breeder in USA TREMONTON, UT, US Gold breeder
Ivy Hill Acres Farm Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) are born with great instincts and are an excellent choice for guarding children, goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens, and many other... NEW! Great Pyrenees LitterComing On 06/22/2022 Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA MOUNT AIRY, NC, US Gold breeder
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White O Morn Farm At our small farm, White O'Morn, in northwest Wisconsin, we lovingly raise a variety of animals, including AKC Great Pyrenees and AKC Standard Poodles. Our focus is continually on... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA SPOONER, WI, US Gold breeder
Mountain Top Kennel LLC We are a small breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernese Mountain Dog & Great Pyrenees Mix Bernese Mountain Dog Dog Breeder in USA MONTROSE, CO, US Gold breeder
Herrington Homestead Gentle Giants Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA SEVEN SPRINGS, NC, US Gold breeder
Rice Barn Farm We are a 23 acre farm in North Georgia who spends 24/7 with our puppies starting them on potty training or pee pad training, crate training, doggy beds, all of our dogs live in... Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Breeder in USA ADAIRSVILLE, GA, US Gold breeder
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Windy Ridge Livestock Specializing In AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis and CKC American Corgis!! We Enjoy Both Of These Wonderful Breeds Of Working Dogs... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA VINCENT, OH, US Gold breeder
Great Pyrenees of Lake Berlin A professional breeder preserving and protecting the integrity of the breed. Dogs and puppies are raised in a clean environment and are pets and guard dogs. No expense is spared... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA DEERFIELD, OH, US Gold breeder
Rehoboth Farms of VA Raising beautiful Great Pyrenees AKC registered litters and some litters non-registered in the Blue Ridge Mts of VA farm with goats, chickens and guineas. These awesome dogs are... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA ALTAVISTA, VA, US Gold breeder
Little Deer Creek Great Pyrenees We breed AKC Working Great Pyrenees on our small family farm in Western, Pennsylvania. Our dogs are all from health tested parents that are clear from all genetic conditions as... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA GIBSONIA, PA, US Gold breeder
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Portneuf Range Pyrenees Our dogs spend their time in the pasture with our sheep as working dogs and all are social-friendly dogs. We love the breed and take pride in raising healthy, happy puppies.... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA POCATELLO, ID, US Gold breeder
Great Pyrenees Puppies We have a liter of 7 adorable Great Pyrenees puppies. There are 4 adorable boys and 3 lovely girls! There are 4 with short hair and three with long hair. Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA COATESVILLE, PA, US Gold breeder
Sunset Creek Farm Our family lives on 35 acres in Northern Kansas. In addition to our fulltime jobs (husband does IP legal for international farm equip company/and me fulltime with kids and farm)... German Shepherd Dog Dog Breeder in USA HESSTON, KS, US Gold breeder
Great Pyrenees Puppies Our dogs and puppies are naturally reared with very limited chemical treatments and medications. Our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs protect our chickens, turkeys,... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA HILLSVILLE, VA, US Gold breeder
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Blue Sea Shepherds Our Mission is to continue the 30 year progress of breeding King Shepherds and Shepnees aka Germanees They are a blend of German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees and Alaskan Malamute.... King Shepherd Dog Breeder in USA YUCCA VALLEY, CA, US Gold breeder
Gonzalez Family Follow us for puppy annoucements! Bichon Frise Dog Breeder in USA ELDERWOOD, CA, US Gold breeder
Great Guardians Great Pyrenees Great Guardians great Pyrenees - livestock guardians - best protection for farms and your children Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA FALCON, CO, US Gold breeder
Blessing Hill Farm We raise full blooded Great Pyrenees puppies on a working farm of Katahdin sheep and Scottish Highland cattle. Sire and Dam are on premises. Puppies are exposed to livestock,... Great Pyrenees Dog Breeder in USA GATE CITY, VA, US Gold breeder
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Polly Holler Puppies Arkansas Dogs are my passion, my family and my fulfillment. At Polly Holler Puppies Arkansas.we are passionate about the breeds we work with and the joy that comes with providing a happy,... Beagle Dog Breeder in USA MARSHALL, AR, US Gold breeder
PoodlesDoodlesNewfoundland and Boxers Sylviasherrill65gmail. Mooresville,N.C. 704-657-0623 Text or Call. If no answer leave a message Poodle (Standard) Dog Breeder in USA DOOLIE, NC, US Gold breeder
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How much does Great Pyrenees puppy cost?

I've seen Great Pyrenees puppies being sold for about $1,000 to $2,500 from reputable breeders. But I've seen puppies for about $200 from irresponsible breeders. Rescues may have pyrs for about $500 depending on the dog's age. But remember—a higher price doesn't mean you're getting a better-quality puppy.

Is a Great Pyrenees a good house dog?

Personality: The Great Pyrenees is a calm, well-mannered, serious dog known for his great devotion to family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally trustworthy, affectionate and gentle, but if the need arises, they will not hesitate to try to protect their family and their territory.

How much do Great Pyrenees mixes cost?

A-Z Great Pyrenees Mix Breed List
PyredoodleGreat Pyrenees and Poodle$650-$2400
Pyrenees HuskyGreat Pyrenees and Siberian Husky$300-$600
Pyrenees PitGreat Pyrenees and Pit Bull$1000-$3000
Saint PyreneesGreat Pyrenees and St. Bernard$350-$700
21 more rows

What problems do Great Pyrenees have?

The Great Pyrenees dog, which has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, may suffer from minor health problems like entropion, osteosarcoma, Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), skin problems, cataract, chondrodysplasia, and panosteitis; it is also prone to serious problems like canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and patellar ...

Is it better to get a male or female Great Pyrenees?

Female pyrs tend to rule the show and be more strong-willed than the males, so it is often advised not to adopt two females together or a female with a strong-willed male. Of course, this varies per dog, so it is important to consider the individual personalities.

Are Great Pyrenees easy to train?

A Pyr can be difficult to train because of his ability to think on his own. He's not a good match for new or timid dog owners, because he needs consistency and a strong owner who will socialize him and train with positive reinforcement.

Do Great Pyrenees bark a lot at night?

Great Pyrenees Night Barking. The Great Pyrenees is nocturnal by nature so typically their barking will increase once the sun goes down. Nighttime is when most predators will be active, so the Great Pyrenees had to adapt to best protect its flock.

Will a Great Pyrenees protect me?

The Great Pyrenees is not just a guard dog. He is a guardian. The Great Pyrenees protects the members of the flock, and he also cares for and nurtures them. His instinct is to be kind to and patient with all vulnerable animals.

Are Great Pyrenees hard to potty train?

This is about it for potty training. Potty training is actually very easy, but it does require a lot of patience and dedication. Crate training your puppy can really help expedite the time it takes to potty train her – more on that below.

Are Great Pyrenees part wolf?

The roots of the Great Pyrenees breed reach to Asia Minor, and the white dogs that accompanied Phoenician traders and Aryans from Central Asia. The Great Pyrenees Club of America asserts that the Great Pyrenees is a lupomossoloid, descended from wolves without the influence of mastiff, or mossoloid, dogs.

Will Great Pyrenees bite?

Introduction. Great Pyrenees puppies are incredibly cute and fluffy, and they love to play. When that play and roughhousing turns into biting, it can be hard to discipline them. If your puppy has started to develop a habit of biting during play or for attention, it's important to put a stop to it as soon as possible.

Is there a difference between a Pyrenees and a Great Pyrenees?

Pyrenees Myth #1: “They are so big!”

And the breed's name in the U.S. is Great Pyrenees. In Europe, however, they are actually called Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, and the breed's AKC standard says they should be a dog of “medium substance.” In general, even large Great Pyrenees weigh about 100 pounds.

Why Do Great Pyrenees end up in shelters?

Before you adopt a rescue Pyr to be a new addition to your family, there are a few things that make this breed different from others. So many pyrs end up in shelters or rescue because they have often been overbred, unsocialized, underfed and neglected on large farms or with backyard breeders.

Do Great Pyrenees bark a lot?

Do Great Pyrenees Bark a Lot? If your Great Pyrenees is prone to barking, rest assured you are not alone. Barking in this breed is very common—so common that it's rare to see one that doesn't exhibit this behavior.

Do Great Pyrenees do well in cold weather?

The Pyrenees has extra tolerance for cold weather and would be a good companion for cross country skiing. Keep him on a leash though, or he might wander off and get into trouble. The Pyrenees' thick double coat requires approximately thirty minutes of weekly brushing.

What to know before adopting a Great Pyrenees?

Before anyone adds a pyr to their family, I wish they knew these five things.
  • Great Pyrenees bark. A lot. ...
  • Obedience is not a priority. ...
  • Maturity doesn't occur until about 3 years of age. ...
  • Grooming is a must. ...
  • Getting a Great Pyrenees does not ensure a great livestock guardian.
Jun 8, 2015

Why does my Great Pyrenees growl at me?

Expect some growling. This is normal. They can try to guard areas and this should be addressed. You should get to say who rules, and occasionally, a Pyr will try to challenge you for supremacy.

Do Great Pyrenees need another dog?

Carefully introducing your dog to other dogs is key in making the relationship work. While every dog will have their own unique personality, Great Pyrenees tend to get along with other animals including dogs. Their overall temperament lends itself to treating other long-term dogs and animals as part of the family.

Are Great Pyrenees good for first time owners?

Great Pyrenees have earned a reputation of being "willful and stubborn" animals. Many people say that this is not a good breed for first-time dog owners. However, if you are aware of, and accept, the negative breed traits, we promise that the positive traits will make Pyrenean ownership more than worthwhile.

What is the hardest dog to potty train?

Jack Russell Terrier

"Of all of the terrier breeds, the Jack Russell is, hands down, the most difficult to housetrain," according to MedNet Direct, who says, "Jack Russells can be some of the most stubborn dogs out there."

How far can a Great Pyrenees walk?

What distance can a Great Pyrenees can walk compared to you? If you walk 1 mile, your dog on a long leash will cover 1.5 to 2 miles, and, on a short leash, they'll cover 1 mile. When walking 2 miles, your dog on a long leash will cover 4.5 to 6 miles, and, on a short leash, they'll cover 3 miles.

Are Great Pyrenees high maintenance?

Great Pyrenees Breed Maintenance

They do shed quite heavily, especially in hot climates. This means that they require regular grooming, but are not too high maintenance. Besides brushing, the coat will not need any other forms of care.

What is the most expensive dog?

The Tibetan mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world. The breed stands at at least 26 inches shoulder height and typically weighs more than 100 lbs. Known to sell for at least $7,000 per puppy, a Chinese businessman made headlines when he bought a 1-year-old Tibetan mastiff for $1.9 million.

Do Great Pyrenees need another dog?

Carefully introducing your dog to other dogs is key in making the relationship work. While every dog will have their own unique personality, Great Pyrenees tend to get along with other animals including dogs. Their overall temperament lends itself to treating other long-term dogs and animals as part of the family.


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