Dental treatments in Turkey (2022)

The service of Turkish dentists is in great demand all over the world. Thousands of medical tourists come to this country to visit dental centers and restore teeth. Dental treatments Turkey are high-quality and inexpensive. Local dental clinics employ the experienced specialists who use innovative methods – sparing, reliable and effective. In Turkey, you can remove plaque, restore the dentition with the help of various types of prosthetics, undergo orthodontic treatment. Due to the low cost of dental service, Turkey dental care is in demand among patients from economically developed countries.

Dental care in Turkey

Dental care in Turkey is inexpensive. Therefore, the patients from the USA, developed countries of Europe and Asia often come here to undergo teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, as well as to examine the oral cavity and get a dental consultation.

Dental care in Turkey may include:

  • Training and consulting: training in brushing teeth, selection of toothpaste, training in the use of dental floss
  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning
  • Air flow teeth polishing
  • Laser teeth whitening

Should a doctor detect any problems during the examination, he will immediately provide treatment.

Patients need a professional teeth cleaning once every 6-12 months. It allows removing soft and hard plaque (tartar). Dental care in Turkey involves ultrasound teeth cleaning. The modern devices provide sparing cleaning with preservation of enamel, minimal damage to the gums, without pain.

Air flow polishing involves the use of air flow. With an abrasive mixture, a doctor removes all plaque from the tooth surface, while maintaining the integrity of the tooth enamel and the adjacent gums. This technique allows achieving a whitening effect by eliminating soft plaque.

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Dental care in Turkey is often complemented by teeth whitening. To do this, doctors use special drugs. They treat patient’s teeth with these drugs and then perform laser irradiation. The cutting-edge systems maintain pH in the oral cavity. They do not contain any acids, provide safe and painless whitening.

Dental implantation

Dental prosthetics with implants is the most reliable method of restoring the dentition, which provides the best aesthetic and functional result for many years. The placed dental implants can serve for decades.

The implantation procedure is expensive and requires a lot of experience and qualifications from a doctor. Therefore, many patients seek help from Turkish dental clinics, as they offer reasonable prices with high quality of medical service.

The essence of the procedure is that the implants imitating the tooth root are placed in the bone tissue of the upper and lower jaw. Usually they look like screws. The abutment and crown are placed on top.

The benefits of dental implants in dental clinics in Turkey:

  • Safety of surgery – the risk of complications in leading dental centers does not exceed 1%
  • Perfect accuracy thanks to 3D modeling and the use of putty index matrixes
  • Minimally invasive technique for placing dental implants – without incisions and gum detachment, through small punctures
  • Prosthetics within a single stage, when the denture is placed immediately or a few days after the installation of the dental implant (but not several months later, as in the case of classical two-stage prosthetics)
  • Possibility of placing a dental implant immediately after tooth extraction
  • Use of All-on-4 and All-on-6 technologies – all dentures are placed on 4 or 6 implants
  • Use of one-stage prosthetics even in atrophic changes in bone tissue
  • In the case of severe atrophy, the placement of implants is preceded by preparation – sinus lift surgery or bone block grafting surgery

Turkey dental industry uses quality dental implants from the best world manufacturers. The dental prosthetics is performed with adequate analgesia, and sedation can be used, if necessary. When placing multiple implants, general anesthesia can be used.

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Turkish dentists have extensive experience in placing crowns. These are dentures in the form of "caps" that are placed on top of the teeth.

The crowns are made in the dental Laboratory using a dental impression or a scan. They can be made of different materials, so they differ significantly in price.

Here are some of the most popular crowns:

  • Full cast crowns made of noble or base metals
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns
  • Metal-free crowns

The cheapest, but at the same time durable and reliable crowns, are full cast metal ones. Nonetheless, they look unaesthetic, and therefore they are usually used for molar teeth prosthetics.

The most popular crowns in dental clinics in Turkey are porcelain fused to metal crowns. They have a metal core and a ceramic lining on the top. This is the best option in price-quality ratio. The crown imitates the patient’s own tooth.

The metal-free crowns are considered the best, but they are the most expensive. The framework of such crowns is made of zirconia, but not of metal. This improves the aesthetics of the tooth. In case of damage, the denture can be easily repaired. The density of the crown is lower than that of porcelain fused to metal one, so it does not damage the opposite tooth when chewing.

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Veneers are microprostheses that cover the front surface of teeth and hide all their aesthetic imperfections. There are two types of veneers:

  • Composite veneers
  • Porcelain veneers

There are also improved types of veneers that have a minimum thickness with maximum strength and durability (lumineers, ultranirs, compositors, etc.).

The composite veneers are cheaper to use. Their main advantage is low price, as they are inferior to porcelain veneers in reliability and aesthetic result. The placement of veneers sometimes takes only 1 day. Their service life is up to 5 years (but sometimes the aesthetic result deteriorates significantly after 2-3 years).

The porcelain veneers are not made in the patient’s mouth, but in the laboratory. The microprosthetics using porcelain veneers requires more time. The price of this technique is higher. The porcelain veneers have many benefits:

  • Better aesthetic result
  • Perfect imitation of the color of the real teeth
  • Preservation of the color, as they are resistant to acids and dyes
  • No moisture absorption
  • Durability, they serve up to 10 years

However, there are also disadvantages. In addition to the fact that the porcelain veneers have higher prices, they require significant preparation of the tooth. The dental tissues are less damaged when using lumineers, but they cost the patient even more.

Why should you seek help from Turkish dental clinics?

Dental treatment Turkey is provided not only to local citizens, but also to a huge number of foreign patients. Turkey dental has many benefits:

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  • Highly qualified dentists
  • Well-equipped dental clinics
  • Use of high-quality materials for prosthetics
  • Individual approach
  • Adequate pain relief
  • Comfortable conditions for patients

What should you think about when choosing a dental clinic for dental treatments Turkey:

  • About the qualifications and experience of doctors
  • About the quality of medical equipment and materials
  • About the prices of dental service
  • About the availability of innovations
  • About the safety of procedures

Booking Health website offers the best dental clinics. In any of them you will receive high-level medical help. In Turkey, you can undergo treatment with a good aesthetic and functional result, without any health risks.

Typically, large dental clinics Turkey focused on foreign patients are located in large tourist centers (Antalya, Istanbul). People who use the service of Turkey dental can combine treatment with relaxation: visit the resorts of Antalya. If necessary, an excursion program in Antalya can be organized for you. Thus, between visits to dental clinics in Turkey, you can have a good time.

Where to seek help from?

To undergo dental treatment in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul or other cities), please, use the Booking Health service. On our portal you can choose the right dental clinic in Turkey. The medical facilities can be sorted by price, rating, patient reviews. You can choose a country (for example, Turkey) and a city (for example, Antalya).

Booking Health specialists will arrange your dental treatment in Turkey. We offer the following services and benefits while using services of Turkey dental:

  • Selection of the best dental clinic in Turkey that specializes in certain procedures or operations
  • Appointment at Turkish dental clinic on the most suitable dates
  • Reduced prices for dental service due to excluding extra charges and additional coefficients for foreign patients
  • Direct communication with the dentist
  • Preparation of a treatment program in the Turkish clinic without repeating previously performed diagnostic tests
  • Buying and forwarding medicines
  • Communication with the clinic in Turkey after the placement of dental crowns
  • Organization of additional diagnostics or treatment in Turkey

Booking Health specialists provide high-quality service. We will book an accommodation for you, buy airline tickets to Antalya, meet you at the airport and take to the clinic by car.

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What is the cost of dental treatment in Turkey? ›

List of Dental Treatment Prices
Treatment Types£GBP$USD
Metal Porcelain Veneers£90$110
Zirconium Crowns / Full Veneers£150$190
Monolithic Crowns / Full Veneers£200$230
E-Max Crowns Full Veneers£170$215
28 more rows

Is Turkey good for dental work? ›

Turkey is an international powerhouse when it comes to performing dental procedures and dental implants. Thousands of patients every year seek dental treatments by a Turkish dentist to have a smile-makeover. Some prefer them for their dental check-ups to keep their oral health in check.

Is it cheaper to get dental work done in Turkey? ›

The main reason dental care in Turkey is cheap is that the overall operation costs, including laboratory costs and dentist fees, are lower compared to places like the UK or the US. Some estimates suggest that dentist prices in Turkey are over 55 percent less compared to Western Europe and the United States.

How long do dental implants take in Turkey? ›

Conventional Dental Implant treatment in Turkey takes from 3 months to 1 year. The first phase normally takes 8 to 10 days and second phase takes 7 days. However, when the patients jawbone is suitable, it is possible to finish the first phase of the treatment in a single visit of 24 hours.

How much does a root canal cost in Turkey? ›

Cost of Root Canal in Turkey
ProcedureMinimum priceMaximum price
Root Canal$US 50$US 150

Why you shouldn't get your teeth done in Turkey? ›

Looking at the facts. If you go to turkey to get your dental replacement your natural teeth will be damaged due to the shaving down procedure. Your new teeth could not be fitted up to the gum line which can increase the risk of plaque and gum disease.

How long do Turkish teeth last? ›

On average dental veneers from Turkey will last between 5-15 years.

Can I travel to Turkey to get my teeth done? ›

Dental holidays have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and Turkey has become the hotspot for dental travels. You know why? Dental holiday in Turkey is much affordable and hassle-free in comparison to other countries. So, if you are having your dental treatment pending in mind, it?

How much are full mouth dental implants in Turkey? ›

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey?
Types of Dental ImplantsPrices in TurkeyPrices in the US
Single Tooth Implant400$ – 1000$2500$ – 6500$
All-on-4 Dental Implants3500$ – 6500$10.000$ – 30.000$
All-on-6 Dental Implants5000$ – 9000$20.000$ – 40.000$
Full Mouth Implant6000$ – 10000$60.000$ – 110.000$
1 more row

How do I choose a dentist in Turkey? ›

A good dental clinic must have a biography displaying their experienced dentists and sometimes their staff. Most clinics only claim that they are very experienced and well-known, however, it is a bad sign when they don't give you any information about it.

How much is a full set of veneers in Turkey? ›

How much do veneers cost from Turkey?
Veneer Type (Cost for full set of 20 teeth)Extras IncludedCost in Dollars (USA)
Emax Full Veneers+ Hotel, Transfers, Breakfast$5520
Porcelain Laminate Veneers+ Hotel, Transfers, Breakfast$5540
Emax Laminate Veneers+ Hotel, Transfers, Breakfast$5915
4 more rows

How much does it cost to get crowns in Turkey? ›

What is the dental crown cost in Turkey?
Types Of Dental CrownsPrice Range in TurkeyPrice Range in America
Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crown$ 80 – $ 130$ 500 – $ 1500
E-Max Crown$ 130 – $ 250$ 600 – $ 3000
Zirconium Crown$ 130 – $ 250$ 600 – $ 3000
Gold Crown$ 100 – $ 250$ 600 – $ 2500
1 more row

How much is it to get veneers in Turkey? ›

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Turkey?
Types Of VeneersPrice Range in TurkeyPrice Range in America
Composite Veneer€ 100 – € 200$ 400 – $ 1500
Porcelain Veneers€ 130 – € 250$ 800 – $ 2300
E-Max Veneer€ 180 – € 300$ 900 – $ 2500

How much does a full set of veneers cost UK? ›

A full set of dental veneers is normally classed as 16-20 teeth and we currently have a number of fantastic offers available: 16 veneers are £14320. 18 veneers are £16110. 20 veneers are £17900.

How long do dental implants last? ›

How long do dental implants actually last? Dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution to tooth loss and they can last between 20 and 30 years. However, their lifespan depends entirely on how well you look after your teeth and your oral hygiene.


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