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Traditional meet and greets are coming back to Disney World!

Get Ready to Hug Mickey!

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After two years of social distanced character interactions, we’re only a few days away from hugging our favorite Disney characters again! We’re on the hunt for all of the character experiences that Disney World has to offer. We just spotted this SUPER fluffy character meet and greet that’s coming back to Hollywood Studios soon!

Hollywood Studios is showing times to meet Sulley from Monsters Inc. starting on Monday, April 18th! Over at Walt Disney Presents, you can meet the best scarer in Monstropolis! According to the Disney website, he’s meeting throughout the day from 9AM until 5PM.


We’re so excited that Character Meet and Greets are coming back and we can’t wait to see which other characters pop up around the parks! Stay tuned on April 18th because we’ll be tracking all of the new and updated character meet and greets!

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We haven’t seen any updates for other popular meet and greets like Ariel at Ariel’s Grotto, but we’ll keep an eye on all of Disney World’s meet and greets. Stay tuned to DFB for all of the latest Disney updates!

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Are you excited to meet Sulley in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. A Popular Meet and Greet is Returning to Disney's Hollywood Studios SOON! | the disney food blog (26)CanuckPrincess says

    I wanna meet Mei Mei as a RED PANDA!!!

  2. A Popular Meet and Greet is Returning to Disney's Hollywood Studios SOON! | the disney food blog (27)DFB Gigi says

    I’m with you! That’s definitely a Meet and Greet I would stand in a long line for!

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