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230 $1,450

Studio, 1 bath, 255 sq ft $500 deposit, Available Now

* Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

* Square footage definitions vary. Displayed square footage is approximate.

About 5533 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

This bachelor apartment home in Hollywood is available immediately! Built in the roaring 20's, these apartment homes, restored to it's original splendor with breathtaking unit renovations and amenity-rich common areas. All fixtures and finishes were remodeled to reflect the look and feel of a trendy hotel. The amenities include a screening room, community lounge, and fitness center and the prime location minutes from to ample local attractions. The pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented community is adjacent to public transportation including the light-rail and bus routes. Just east of the 101 freeway, which is superior access to major employment and entertainment hubs of Hollywood, Universal City, Burbank, Glendale, and Downtown Los Angeles. At the edge of Hollywood, near Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Koreatown, This community is situated on iconic Hollywood Blvd.

5533 Hollywood Blvd is an apartment community located in Los Angeles County and the 90028 ZIP Code.






  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Views
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Fitness Center


5533 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles,

CA 90028

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5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230, Los Angeles, CA 90028 - Apartment for Rent in Los Angeles, CA | Apartments.com (1) This Property 5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230, Los Angeles, CA 90028 - Apartment for Rent in Los Angeles, CA | Apartments.com (2) Available Property


  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Views
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Fitness Center

City - Los Angeles

There are numerous nicknames for Los Angeles, just as there are various vibes within this sprawling city. Between rugged mountains and sandy shorelines, a laid-back surf culture and a high-powered commercial district, and food trucks and some of the world’s top-rated, five-star restaurants, Los Angeles features diversity in every aspect possible. Somehow, all of the pieces of this city fit together seamlessly, making Los Angeles the unique destination we know and love. From Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills to Hollywood and Chinatown, there is the perfect neighborhood for everyone in Los Angeles.

From celebrity sightings to unbeatable shopping destinations, Los Angeles is hard to beat. Enjoy a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, Griffith Park, or Topanga State Park, enjoy the famous entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood, see the stars along the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, or stop in to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Learn More About Los Angeles


Los Angeles Film School

Drive: 2 min 1.3 mi

Musicians Institute

Drive: 3 min 1.6 mi

City College

Drive: 3 min 2.1 mi

5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230 is within 2 minutes or 1.3 miles from Los Angeles Film School. It is also near Musicians Institute and City College.


Transportation options available in Los Angeles include Hollywood/Western Station, located 0.1 miles from 5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230. 5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230 is near Bob Hope, located 9.3 miles or 16 minutes away, and Los Angeles International, located 15.3 miles or 26 minutes away.

Hollywood/Western Station

Walk: 2 min 0.1 mi

Hollywood/Vine Station

Walk: 17 min 0.9 mi

Vermont/Sunset Station

Drive: 2 min 1.3 mi

Hollywood/Highland Station

Drive: 3 min 1.6 mi
Drive: 3 min 1.9 mi


Drive: 7 min 4.4 mi

Union Station

Drive: 10 min 6.2 mi

Downtown Burbank

Drive: 12 min 8.0 mi

Burbank-Bob Hope Airport

Drive: 15 min 8.2 mi

Cal State LA

Drive: 14 min 10.2 mi

Bob Hope

Drive: 16 min 9.3 mi

Los Angeles International

Drive: 26 min 15.3 mi

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Points of Interest

Time and distance from 5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230.

Walk: 1 min 0.1 mi

5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230 has 1 shopping centers within 0.1 miles, which is about a 1-minute walk. The miles and minutes will be for the farthest away property.

Bird Sanctuary

Drive: 5 min 2.2 mi

Runyon Canyon

Drive: 6 min 2.8 mi

Griffith Park

Drive: 13 min 3.0 mi

Griffith Observatory

Drive: 11 min 3.4 mi

Los Angeles Zoo

Drive: 13 min 6.3 mi

5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230 has 5 parks within 6.3 miles, including Bird Sanctuary, Griffith Observatory, and Runyon Canyon.

Los Angeles Air Force Base

Drive: 27 min 16.4 mi

5533 Hollywood Blvd Unit 230 is 16.4 miles and a 27 minutes from Los Angeles Air Force Base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which floor plans are available and what are the price ranges?

This has studios and one bathroom starting at $1,450/mo.

Can I see a model or take a tour of the property?

Yes, to view the floor plan in person please set an appointment for a personal tour.

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