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    The Canadian Press

    One dead, two injured after explosion, fire in downtown Vancouver hotel: officials

    VANCOUVER — City officials say one person is dead and two others are injured following a fire in Vancouver's downtown eastside Saturday morning. The fire department confirmed the small blaze ignited on the second floor of the Empress Hotel on East Hastings Street. Acting assistant fire chief Walter Pereira says early indications are it was accidentally started after an overcharged electric bicycle battery exploded. He says about 25 firefighters responded and were able to contain the fire to one

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    Hanwell residents bring in mementos for memorial statue to honour veterans

    Dozens of community members visited the local fire hall in Hanwell, N.B. on Saturday, They carried chains, bracelets, medals and other items that reminded them of veterans. A new statue to honour veterans in Hanwell will be made using mementos belonging to people of the community. New Brunswick artist Peter Powning has been commissioned to create the five-metre steel memorial. It is intended to be completed by Remembrance Day. Powning is making clay impressions of the items. Those impressions wi

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    4-year-old boy drowns in Saint-Lambert after falling into backyard pool

    A toddler has died after falling into a backyard swimming pool, Longueuil police say. An ambulance was called to a home on Normandie Avenue in Saint-Lambert just after 4 p.m. on Saturday when the boy was found in the pool. Paramedics tried to revive the boy, but he was declared dead in hospital less than an hour later. The death appears to be an accident said police spokesperson François Boucher, who reminded parents to be vigilant when their children are around water. "You can never assume your

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    The Canadian Press

    Back home: Erling Haaland completes move to Man City

    MANCHESTER, England (AP) — Erling Haaland has come home. The Norway striker finalized his move to Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund for 60 million euros ($63 million) on Monday to seal his return to England, the country of his birth. His father, Alf-Inge, played for City in the Premier League from 2000-03 and Erling supported the club as a kid. He has posted on social media pictures of himself wearing a City jersey as a young boy. “This is a proud day for me and my family. I have always wat

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    Sask. saw more COVID-19 deaths in first 5 months of 2022 than 2021

    We're now more than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and while it may have faded from the radar for some of the general public in Saskatchewan, it's still impacting those who care for patients. Dr. Cory Neudorf, an epidemiologist and interim senior medical health officer with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, said the presence of COVID-19 is not the all-consuming issue it was a year ago, but that it is also not something that should be dismissed. "That's not reasonable at this point," he s

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    Questions linger over what will happen to Russian assets frozen, blocked by Canada

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the citizens of Ukraine will be at the heart of whatever is done with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets effectively frozen or blocked by the federal government since the outset of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The RCMP said on Thursday that since Russia moved into Ukraine on Feb. 24, $123 million in assets held by individuals on Canada's sanctions list have been frozen, while transactions worth a further $289 million have been blocked. The government's

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    French projections: Macron will keep a majority

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance is expected to keep its parliamentary majority after the first round of voting Sunday, but will likely have far fewer seats than five years ago, according to projections. ()

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    Tour de no pants: Naked cyclists streak through London

    On a sunny day in London, many people can be spotted cycling naked around London.View on euronews

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    Gigantic woodpecker flies in for smooth landing at the feeder

    Pileated woodpeckers are spectacular birds that are a delight for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. They are the largest woodpeckers in North America. This claim to fame was once held by the ivory billed woodpecker, which sadly, is now believed to be extinct. Pileated woodpeckers are heavy birds with a serious presence at the backyard feeders. Attracted by suet cakes, they will often announce their arrival with a loud call that sounds like maniacal laughter. As they fly in to an area, the call warns other woodpeckers that their territory is occupied. It is also a warning to the smaller birds that they are coming in for a landing. This pileated woodpecker is the male in a nesting pair. They have their home in a stand of trees not far from this feeder. At least once each day, the woodpeckers arrive at this suet holder and feast on the cakes within. Pecking and eating for a minute or two is all that they need to fill their bellies. They fly off happily after a brief visit. The woodpeckers also enjoy a few sips of water at the backyard pond. They have a few spots at decaying trees where they peck at the holes for insects burrowed into the wood as well. Pileated woodpeckers do a great job of keeping insect populations at bay that would otherwise attack and harm trees. Their abandoned nesting cavities also make great habitats for owls and other woodland creatures. They are beneficial for forests and the animals that live there. They are also a delight to see with their commanding presence and eye catching colour.

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    The Canadian Press

    Canadian heading World Health Organization's fight against monkeypox

    MONTREAL — A Canadian is playing a major role in the World Health Organizations' fight against monkeypox. Dr. Rosamund Lewis, the technical lead for the effort to combat a global outbreak of the virus at the WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, grew up in Thunder Bay, Ont., and Ottawa. A graduate of McGill University's school of medicine, Lewis practiced in Montreal before joining the WHO. The organization is currently working to quell the spread of monkeypox, which comes from the same family of

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    The Canadian Press

    Alaska high court reverses ruling that roiled House election

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The special primary for Alaska's only U.S. House seat moved forward as planned Saturday following a tense legal fight over ballot access issues that had cast a shadow over the election. The Alaska Supreme Court on Saturday reversed and vacated a lower court order that barred state elections officials from certifying the results of the election until visually impaired voters were given a “full and fair” opportunity to participate. Attorneys for the state had interpreted Frid

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    The Weather Network

    Flooding risk in Alberta with over 150 mm of rainfall in some areas

    Sunday will see a risk for severe thunderstorms across the southern Prairies. A new storm arrives Monday with significant rainfall possible for western sections, with 100+ mm potentially for some areas.

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    The Canadian Press

    England, Italy draw 0-0 among Nations League stalemates

    LONDON (AP) — It was a night of stalemates for the big teams in the Nations League on Saturday, including a drab scoreless draw in the rematch of last year's European Championship final. England was held 0-0 by Italy to leave Gareth Southgate's side without a win in three matches in the top-tier Group 3 this month as it prepares for the World Cup. Just a couple of thousand schoolchildren were allowed into the Wolverhampton stadium as part of England's punishment for its fans' disorder ahead of t

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    The Canadian Press

    Flagstaff wildfire forces evacuations, steadily grows

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Evacuations are in effect in parts of northern Arizona as a wildfire about 6 miles (9 kilometers) north of Flagstaff steadily grew Sunday, authorities said. Coconino National Forest officials said the Pipeline Fire was reported at 10:15 a.m. by a fire lookout and had burned approximately 4,000-5,000 acres by late Sunday, pushing about 15 miles (24 kilometers). In connection with the fire, Forest Service law enforcement said they have arrested and charged a 57-year-old man

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    Global News

    U.S. open to more Canadian oil and gas but needs to ‘define our terms’ for future expansion

    In an interview on this week’s edition of ‘The West Block’, U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Cohen says that Washington is open to more Alberta oil and gas but says that would not be a short term solution to solve consumer pain at the gas pumps. The ambassador also made it clear that the U.S. wants to focus the future on green energy sources. “As a policy objective in the energy space, we have to be very careful about making tens of billions of dollars of investments that will produce more fossil fuels five years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, that will increase emissions and make it difficult or impossible to achieve the climate change targets that we need to achieve,” the ambassador said.

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    Why COVID-19 deaths are likely underreported in Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia government says there have been 421 COVID-19 deaths in the province since the pandemic began, but an infectious disease researcher says that number is likely understated by at least 200. Tara Moriarty, an associate professor at the University of Toronto, called it "a conservative estimate" and cautioned the number will grow. "A lot of the deaths from Omicron are going to start coming in," she said. She said it's important to note that underreporting of COVID-19 deaths is "the nor

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